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Srecno novo leto!

Posted on 16 January 2013

Slovenian Properties would like to wish all its agents a very happy and prosperous New Year. We all know that there are some great bargains out there for those clients brave enough to be contrarian and act against the prevailing sentiments. We certainly have some happy Gold Service clients who would agree with us, and we would like to thank you for all the additional help which you give us with these particularly serious clients.

Economically this is a difficult time. Although interest rates are spectacularly low so that it can be a good time for clients to consider purchasing a property with the view to long term capital growth, other factors are restricting opportunities for sales. Many people who might have considered buying in Slovenia in the past may also be recently retired and they often are the ones suffering in the current economic climate. Although they may have considerable savings, they are severely affected by the low interest rates on those savings, reducing the amount of spare cash that they have. On the other hand, the pound to euro exchange rate is favourable for UK clients, though the euro has been strengthening against the pound over recent weeks.

The main problems that are keeping UK buyers out of the market are uncertainty about the future and a lack of cash, as the borrowing of the last few years has to be repaid and savers suffer from poor returns on investments. If sellers of properties recognise the changed conditions and do not insist on trying to achieve boom years' prices, then there may be potential to bring buyers and sellers together. We shall work with clients to demonstrate that now is a good time to buy; we would ask that you work with your clients to recognise that the changed economic conditions mean that there must be some flexibility in prices.

Our Gold Service continues in its popularity. For us it acts as a filter by ensuring that potential clients are serious about buying and for you it avoids wasting your time. By making sure that clients are focused on what they really want and need, we can provide a short, tailored list of potential properties with a significantly increased probability of a sale at the end of the process. We never fail to be amazed how many potential clients have no idea about the most basic facts of buying in Slovenia or even of the geography of the country. The Gold Service allows clients to make much more informed decisions and, we hope, should result in a win-win for both of us.

I do hope that you all have some happy holidays and great skiing.

Lep pozdrav,


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The Bled Shuttle is now meeting the later Whizz Air flights. Prices start at 13 per person to Bled. Visit the Bled Shuttle web site for more information on timings and destinations. Also read our latest Newsletter and find some reasons to be cheerful about buying in Slovenia now!

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