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How to get to Slovenia

Slovenia is easily accessible now due by low price airlines. There are a number of airlines offering cheap flights to Slovenia and the surrounding areas making getting there cheap and easy from various airports across the UK:

By Air

  • Air Adria, the Slovenian national airline, flies twice daily from Gatwick to Ljubljana.

  • EasyJet flies directly to Ljubljana from Stansted

  • Ryanair flies from Stansted to Klagenfurt over the border in Austria with a connecting train to Ljubljana via Villach.

  • Flybe flies from Belfast, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Southampton to Salzburg in Austria with a connecting train to Villach, Jesenice, Lesce Bled, Ljubljana etc (note that these flights run only during the winter to serve the skiing season)

  • Note that there is no railway station at Ljubljana airport. An inexpensive shuttle bus prices meets most flights at Ljubljana airport and will take you directly to your place of stay in Bled or Kranjska Gora. Pre-booking is recommended. This is a particularly useful service for skiers not wishing to rent a car when winter driving conditions can be more difficult. Alternatively you can take a taxi to Kranj and then to use the connecting trains buses to Ljubljana or other major towns.

By Train

  • Slovenia is also part of the intercontinental express train network. There are direct lines from Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Internal rail transport is inexpensive but the number of trains running per day is relatively small and tend to be concentrated around the early morning and evening peaks. One of the most picturesque lines is that from Jesenice to Nova Gorica which has spectacular scenery throughout

    For more information, visit the website of Slovenian Railways (Slovenske železnice) website,

By Bus

  • International and local bus transport is well organised but prices of local buses have crept up significantly in recent years. Where there is a choice of modes, rail travel is normally a much cheaper option.

    For more information, please visit the website of Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana,

By Car

  • It is perfectly possible to drive to Slovenia. From London to Ljubljana via the Channel Tunnel is around 950 miles. A typical route would be London - Folkstone - Calais - Brussels - Aachen - Koblenz - Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburg - Villach - Slovenia. It can be done relatively easily in 2 days, with one overnight stop over. You will require a Vignette for driving through Austria and an additional toll for the long Alpine tunnels. It is therefore not a cheap option (in the order of Ł250 each way including Chunnel and an overnight stop) but of course you will save on hire car charges in Slovenia. We would suggest that it is worth considering driving if your visit will be over 3 weeks in duration.

Driving in Slovenia

  • There are good, modern roads in Slovenia, equivalent to UK motorways, linking many of the major towns. However other roads can be slow and narrow. Roads crossing mountain ranges involve multiple hairpin bends and can reduce average speeds to around 25 mph.

  • Slovenia is acting strongly to reduce bad driving, accidents and casualties. Currently the number of road deaths per 100,000 of the population is roughly twice that in the UK. Police have the authority to stop offending motorists and apply on the spot fines which can be extremely high - hundreds of euros in many cases. Be particularly wary of speed limits. The speed limit in most towns and villages is 50 kph. This will often not be marked and will apply when you drive past the sign marking the name of the town or village. Similarly, there is rarely a sign to show the end of a speed limit. This normally conincides with the sign marking the point at which you leave the village. Elsewhere, standard speed limits are 90 kph for rural, single track roads, 100 kph for normal roads and 130 kph for motorways. Tail gating is not uncommon, but the police are clamping down on this. Also be careful on blind bends where you may find overtaking cars coming in the opposite direction or drivers cutting across the bend.

  • You must always drive with dipped headlamps during the day. Always carry your driving licence, insurance and a separate means of identification (normally a passport) with you when driving. In addition you must carry a warning triangle, safety reflective coat, spare bulbs and a first aid kit. In winter you must have winter tyres fitted.

  • If you drive on the motorways or the Ljubljana ring road, you will need to purchase a Vignette. These are valid for differing periods and may be purchased from petrol stations and post offices. They are relatively expensive considering the short amount of motorways in Slovenia, and in 2011 they cost 15 euros for one week, 30 euros for one month and 95 euros for one year. Driving on motorways without a Vignette can result in a fine of up to 800 euros.

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The season for winter sport is with us! Intersport Bernik is the place in Kranjska Gora for ski hire, all equipment requirements and every winter sporting need. Visit their web site at Intersport Bernik to arrange your winter sporting needs. If you have young children but wish to ski on you own you can leave them in the care of Intersport's instructors/animators. They will keep them safe and entertained and they can also organise lunch for them. This is available for children from age 3.

The Bled Shuttle is now meeting the later Whizz Air flights. Prices start at €13 per person to Bled. Visit the Bled Shuttle web site for more information on timings and destinations. Also read our latest Newsletter and find some reasons to be cheerful about buying in Slovenia now!

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